Are You Getting Results From Your 'Healthy' Diet

We hear it all the time from patients who come to our initial consultation:

"I eat healthy but I'm not losing weight!"

Unfortunately, many people only think they are eating healthy. Even worse, many of us are tricked into thinking we are eating healthy by the media and marketing schemes surrounding some of our favorite foods.

That oatmeal you thought helped you start your day on the right foot, really set you back. The sport drink you needed after your workout poured unnecessary calories back into your body. Even the dried fruit you've been preaching about for years, might not be as good for you as you were once led to believe. 

Making matters even worse, when your hormones aren't optimized, it makes it difficult for your body to process foods like you once did. So while all of these foods might not be terrible for your system during your twenties, they become more of a challenge after age 35. 

There is definitely hope, and it involves educating yourself about the important combination of healthy food choices and hormone levels in your body. Start by clicking here to read about the 20 "healthy" foods you might be eating that really aren't that good for you after all. Then start to gain a better of understanding of the hormones your body needs to process foods and nutrients more effectively. Simply take the confidential hormone health survey on our website and start to reclaim the health and happiness you deserve! 

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