We Make Energy Better!

Perhaps the single most common reason patients seek out our services at Body Shapes Medical is a lack of energy. Patients complain of needing naps most afternoons, falling asleep if they stop activities and poor motivation to complete tasks. These symptoms are especially frustrating during the Holiday season. It is a time for social activities with friends and family. It is a time for engaging with children and fighting the shopping crowds. All of this is overwhelming to the patient with no energy. Aging with its resulting decline in hormones plays a significant role in fatigue.

Testosterone provides energy to both men and women that lasts all day long. At the one month follow up, patients are easily getting through the day, no longer napping and playing with their children after work. Their motivation to initiate and complete tasks is improved as well.

DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It provides an energy burst and improved mental focus. Patients find that their work efficiency is much better when their DHEA levels are restored to normal.

Sleep is imperative to daytime energy. Replenishing testosterone in men and progesterone in women leads to more restorative sleep. After a good night sleep, our patients see wonderful increases in their energy.

Thyroid optimization results in increased energy. By improving the active form of thyroid, T3, we maximize our patients’ productivity and focus. Patients are motivated to increase their activity and exercise which ultimately eliminates their fatigue.

Overall by optimizing hormone levels, we restore our patients’ energy and productivity. Our patients easily get through their days, complete their task and still have the energy to engage their family in the evening. This leads to improved quality of life.