We Can Help Your Migraines!

Up to 13% of our population today suffer from migraines. Migraines not only cause incredible pain but also result in missed work days and family time. The pathophysiology of migraines is complex.

Studies show that the majority of migraine sufferers have low magnesium levels. This deficiency leads to brain neuron hyperexcitabilty and blood vessel spasm in brain which have been shown to increase migraines. We place our migraine patients on Krebs Magnesium tablets daily and the results have been wonderful.

70% of migraine sufferers are women. This suggests that female hormones play a crucial role in headache pathophysiology. The balance of the two main female hormones-estrogen and progesterone- is imperative to avoiding headaches. The slightest variation of this balance can trigger a headache. Many times during a menstrual cycle a women has an excess of estrogen.

Studies show that estrogen dominance leads to migraines by dilating blood vessels in the brain. Progesterone counteracts these changes by restoring normal vascular tone and acting on GABA receptors in the brain to calm the neurons. The delicate balance of these hormones gets disrupted as women enter perimenopause. Many of our patients have deficiencies of progesterone. We restore the levels by giving bio-identical micronized Progesterone. The improvement in their migraines is life changing for them. 

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