We Make Moods Better!

So many patients come to us complaining of diminished moods with symptoms like:

  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Poor motivation

While stress and circumstances play a role in affecting our mood, there is scientific evidence that the loss of hormones, due to aging, largely contributes to these issues.

Testosterone deficiency has been linked to mood swings and depression in men:

A large VA study in men over 50 years old showed that men with low testosterone developed depression earlier and more often than those with normal testosterone.

A Harvard study suggests that men with low testosterone levels do not respond to antidepressants as expected.

Not only is low testosterone a risk factor for depression, but several studies have shown that the replacement of testosterone improves those depression symptoms.

Progesterone is a hormone naturally produced in women that:

  • Is a “feel good hormone”, providing a natural calming effect
  • Combats high levels of estrogen, relieving symptoms of PMS (anxiety, anger, feeling overly emotional)
  • Promotes fat burning for energy
  • Helps maintain sex drive

As women enter menopause, progesterone is the first hormone level to decrease. This deficiency leads to mood swings, irritability, decreased sex drive and weight gain. As women produce less progesterone with age, hormone regulation is not as effective. This often leads to unhappy women.

Stress plays a role in moods as well. Stress produces large amounts of cortisol—the fight or flight hormone. Many times these high levels lead to irritability, fatigue with resulting negativity and lack of motivation. Fine-tuning the stress hormone tends to greatly improve these symptoms.

At 25 Again, we optimize testosterone and progesterone. We adjust the body’s cortisol response to stress with supplements. The result is much happier patients, many of whom will be able to get off antidepressant medications. They are more positive, more relaxed and more motivated to enjoy the good times life can offer them.

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