Amazing Health Benefits For Spouses

It should come as no surprise that your life is greatly affected by those you share it with. If you’re in any type of partnership, you know your significant other makes a huge impact on your mood, stress levels and overall health. Studies suggest marriage can lower risk of cancer, heart attack and being diagnosed with dementia.

This isn’t a new idea. Studies dating as far back as 1858 show the correlation between healthy partnerships and healthy lives. The key word being healthy. Just like a piece of machinery, a relationship must be maintained to continue working well. Here are a few methods proven to promote healthy, happy partnerships:

  • Working out together – Sweating together can increase couples’ happiness with their relationship and the efficiency of their workouts while strengthening their emotional bond through shared challenges
  • Cooking together – You spend less money when you cook at home and oftentimes are learning a new recipe or technique. Couples benefit from less financial stress and have fun while perfecting a dish or maybe laughing at a burnt mess
  • Volunteering together – While volunteering has benefits all its own, couples who volunteer together are more able to empathize not only with others, but, most importantly, with each other

This all probably seems like common sense, but there’s actual science behind it. Everything you do affects hormone levels in the body. When you’re under stress, cortisol is released. Working out produces endorphins and dopamine which give you the post-sweat “high” and can help regulate weight gain. Oxytocin is responsible for the feeling of attachment when you’re intimate with someone. Serotonin aids in mood balance and calms your body when it’s time to sleep.

When these hormones are out of balance, it affects every aspect of life from how easily you can handle stress to the quality of your personal relationships. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, having trouble sleeping, gaining excess weight, or just seeing your quality of life declining, your hormones may be out of whack.

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