Middletown Is Ready To Feel 25 Again!

Our members are the #1 priority here at Body Shapes Medical and it is crucial for us to continue to grow our staff size in order to keep up with each and every person following our exclusive 25 Again program. Our newest location in Middletown will help achieve this goal, by adding more staff and another convenient location to the ever-growing Louisville area! 

The new practice in Middletown is located at 13301 Shelbyville Road. It is our fourth location in Louisville and features brand new signage displaying the name of our 25 Again program prominently on the front of the building. This program provides the same great service and value received by thousands of members. It reflects our emphasis on the 25 Again dashboard, recently introduced at every one of our practices. The dashboard allows us to actually show members how their specific bio-markers are improving over time. 

Katie Redmon, graduate of Spalding University, is the Nurse Practitioner at the new location. Similar to the rest of our medical staff, Redmon has a passion for preventative care. She says her time working in acute care also helped her realize the importance of preventing illness rather than treating it once it happens.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the new sign in Middletown. Give us a call right away if you or someone you care about is ready to feel 25 Again at the new practice!


So come see us at our new location in Middletown and find out how we can optimize your hormone levels and get balance back in your life!