'MAY' You Golf Forever!


We are not making this up! The entire month of May is literally dedicated to the sport many of us love, regardless of how frustrating it can be sometimes. But did you know your frustration with the sport might have less and less to do with your actual skill level? 

Most young athletes expect to become better and better at a skill each year they participate in a game or sport. And in fact, hormones play an important role in this process. 

The chemicals we lose in our 30's and 40's are responsible for building muscles in our arms, legs and back necessary to hit the ball further and more accurately. Our joints that allow us to walk across beautiful greens on sunny days become tighter, sore and more prone to injury when hormones decrease.

Have you ever hit a bad shot and broken a golf club? Some of us have probably wanted to do this, but if those feelings of frustration seem to increase and stick around longer than usual, well...you guessed it! Hormones have a HUGE impact on your mood and can even affect your ability to shake off a bad shot or two during the middle of a round with your friends or during a club tournament. 

Members at 25 Again are enjoying hours of golf as they relax and unwind this season. But most importantly, hormone therapy will help our members take their mind off their bodies, while focusing on improving their game and spending time with friends and family. 

So if you're already enrolled in our exclusive 25 Again program, head to the course and start taking advantage of your improved health and physical fitness during national Golf Month! But if you are suffering through opening rounds this spring, it's time to consider how hormone optimization will help you get back in the swing of things right away!

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