Merby...Kind Of Like Derby But Not At All Fun!

When it comes to celebrations and happy times of the year, very few events in the entire world compete with those surrounding the first Saturday in May! People close to Louisville claim the Derby is the only example of a time when people party for 2 full weeks to prepare for 2 minutes of racing, and we certainly agree!

The excitement peaks with the race itself, but dinners with friends, beverages with buddies and all kinds of raucous activities venture well into the night for most...and even on toward the next day for many others. For this reason the Monday after the Derby might very well be one of the most hated and feared workdays of the year. Yes, well over one hundred thousand adults dread the sound of the alarm clock Monday morning and it is far past time for this occurence to earn a name all its own.

Years ago, the Thursday before Derby became known as 'Thurby' so it only seems appropriate the Monday after now be called simply Merby. This day will forever be defined as the Monday after Derby when adults don't want to get out of bed, move more than absolutely necessary, or even talk unless it is a life-threatening emergency. 

Unlike the other more festive days of the preceding week, Merby is not something to be celebrated. In fact, many fear such symptoms, which only seem to worsen with age. Unfortunately there is no cure for Merby, but modern science shows there are many influences determining how quickly someone is able to bounce back from the complete fog that settles over Derby-goers each year on this day. In fact, thousands of adults are now able to bounce out of bed and proceed with their normal Monday routine with little to no sign of having partied their tales off during the days, and even weeks, beforehand.

Fortunately, the solutions helping these men and women age 35 and older is no longer a secret. It really just comes down to hormones. Yep, that's it! Hormones have a dramatic affect on mood, energy, disease, weight and even passion for life. Without them, Merby could wreak havoc on the start of your week-after-Derby plans. But members at Body Shapes Medical have a distinct advantage over everyone else when it comes to relief and even total avoidance of such problems. 

Are you or someone you care about suffering from the unwanted signs of Merby? Here are just a few of the many key indicators to keep on the lookout for:

  • Crying when the alarm goes off in the morning.
  • Whining while getting dressed for work.
  • Red, watery eyes that continuously check clocks throughout the day.
  • Unusual biting of co-workers, family members, or even complete strangers.
  • Strange bouts of shyness that involve keeping a blanket over one's head, as if to shut out the entire world and fall back asleep. This is particularly problematic when it happens while driving or operating other machinery.

If any or all of these appear, please do your part to help us put a stop to the dangerous and destructive symptoms of Merby this year! Encourage your loved ones to call Body Shapes Medical (866-420-9260) and schedule an initial consultation right away. Or, if you are still unsure about the diagnosis, click here to take our hormone health survey now.

Remember, friends don't let friends suffer from Merby!*


*Important Note: Merby is not a real medical condition. Nothing written above should be taken seriously. All mention of Merby and its corresponding symptoms are a complete joke and should be laughed at. If you are not laughing at this, we highly recommend you still fill out the hormone health survey because your sense of humor may be gone and your mood is suffering. Ironically, this would also be a symptom of hormone loss and you DEFINITELY need our exclusive 25 Again program sooner rather than later!