Summer Photo Challenge

Thousands of our members are ready for one of their best summers ever thanks to the exclusive 25 Again program at Body Shapes Medical! We want to hear about and share these stories all season long. Best of all, we will start rewarding our members for helping us do it!

During June and July, we are searching for photos of our members to share on social media and in our practice locations. Each time you share a photo, you will be automatically entered to win special prizes. These can include $50 discounts on supplements for your program, merchandise with our new 25 Again logo, and even gas cards to help make your trips this summer a little more enjoyable.  

All you need to do in order to enter is follow our official Body Shapes Medical Facebook page AND tag it when sharing photos or stories about your summer. It's that simple. Going on a trip this summer? Tell us how the 25 Again program is helping to give you more energy for it! Trying to lose a few pounds for the beach? Post a photo of your progress. Looking forward a summer free from hot flashes, mood swings, and age-related disease? Post a picture of yourself enjoying the moment! 

Follow our official page on Facebook, but don't forget to also 'Like' the page for your practice. Here is our growing list of locations:

Montgomery - Cincinnati

Beaumont - Lexington

New Albany - Indiana (Coming Soon!)

Brownsboro - Louisville

Fern Creek - Louisville

Middletown - Louisville

Springhurst - Louisville

And if you're still not sure what your photos should look like -- here are some great examples from our staff and members!