Medical Provider Feature - Erin Schwieterman

So many members want to know more about our medical providers. We asked our provider Erin Schwieterman in our Montgomery, Ohio location a few questions and hear is what she had to say.  


Why did you get into nursing?
What attracted me to the field of nursing was the ability to care for others, help them, and improve their quality of life.  

What interests you most about your position as Nurse Practitioner with 25 Again?
Being a provider at 25 Again by far has been the most fulfilling. 25 Again has given me the ability to empower my members to become the best version of themselves while allowing me to make a difference in each one of their lives. Being able to celebrate in my member’s successes daily truly gives me more purpose in my position.  I am also passionate about health and wellness. At 25 Again, I am able to relay my knowledge in nutrition to positively influence my member’s health.  

What does a typical day at 25 Again look like for you?
A typical day at 25 Again involves a lot of celebration for my member’s successes, laughter, and fun. Other important areas include being able to sit down with my members in a more personalized setting. 25 Again allows me to spend the necessary time with my members to really capture what they need. This allows me to tailor my treatment plan to their individual goals.  

Looking back when you started your journey into nursing, where did you think it was going to lead you? I always knew I wanted to further my education in the field of nursing. I knew I wanted to be involved in women’s health or health and wellness.  

How does it make you feel when members come to you after being on the program with 25 Again and they start feeling 25 Again?
It really makes me happy to hear that their quality of life is improved. We want them to be at their best because we care for them as people and I want them to live the best life possible.  

Would you say that helping people makes you happy?
Absolutely! Hearing someone tell me, “You changed my life” is so meaningful.    

What are some of the unexpected benefits of working with 25 Again? 
I never could have imagined how fun it would be to work for an organization who not only cares about  their members but also cares so much about their staff.  

What are some of the unexpected benefits of working with the members at 25 Again?
Some of the unexpected benefits have been the connection we develop with our members. By being able to spend more time with our members, it allows us to know so much about them. We learn their story, hear about their families, life goals, and inspirations. They make it special to work for 25 Again.   In your professional opinion, who can benefit from the programs offered at 25 Again?  Anyone who is 35 years and older looking to feel their absolute best as well as be at their healthiest. Disease prevention is so vital to long-term health. Being proactive about your health versus reactive is really an investment no one should pass up.  

What do you do in your spare time?
I really love spending time with my husband and 3 daughters. They are 7,4, and 2 and growing up so fast! I love being active!            


Thank you Erin for all you do to inspire members and help them achieve optimal aging!