Medical Provider of the Month – Amy Youell, New Albany location


Why did you get into nursing?

Being the oldest child, I was always the caregiver, nurturer, and protector in my family. In my experience going to the doctor’s office, it was the nurses who I remembered being not only knowledgeable and skilled at what they did, but also being the hand holders, the advocators, and the educators. I wanted to emulate them. So, It seemed like the natural and obvious career path for me.


What does a typical day at 25 Again look like for you?
Although our office opens at 9 am, I start my day in the office well before that. I come in early to review charts and lab work and prepare for my day. Being prepped allows me to completely focus on my members during their visits. When I start member visits, the 30-minute appointment slots provide me the opportunity to spend time not only discussing my members’ health concerns, addressing their lab values, and collaborating with them to devise a plan of action, but to also discuss their families, or work, or anything else that may be on their minds and contributing to health. I spend a lot of my day focused on education with my members, which is a joy because it allows them to be active participants in the health care and not just spectators!


How instrumental is your team in a member’s success at 25 Again?
I truly believe that if you surveyed the members of 25 Again New Albany that they would say without a doubt that they couldn’t be successful in feeling their best without the support and care of our staff. While we are a small staff and office, it is like family. We care for our members like one of our own family members. I trust they feel that when they walk into our office. Our staff communicates well amongst one another and works as an integrated team. I have confidence that shows in success of our members.


Why is what we do at 25 Again so important to adults as they age?
Inevitably, we are all “aging” every minute, every day, every year…and, we should all embrace that because the alternative is that we are no longer on this earth. However, with that in mind, aging does not have to be, nor should it be, a reason to accept disease and illness as part of the process. At 25 Again, I can work with my members to help them stay healthy and active while they age. We help them to fight against diseases that can shorten their lives!

What do you do in your spare time? We have 6 kids, one of which is grown and out of the house, but we still have 5 at home! So, I spend a lot of time running from here to there shuffling kiddos around and watching soccer games. However, I do find time to run and workout. As a family, we enjoy our time we get at the lake and being on the water. Most of the 25 Again staff are Cards’ fans, however, in my house, we bleed BLUE! So, what little spare time we have to watch TV, we spend watching and cheering on our Cats!


What do you tell people that are new to 25 Again?  
“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!” I remind them that health truly is a journey…it is not a sprint. Like any journey, it takes preparation, practice, and support. I tell them they are taking that first step on their journey to better health and well-being, and I’m excited to walk that journey with them!