Medical Provider of the Month – Dana Sears, Springhurst location


Why did you get into nursing? 

I suffered a serious abdominal injury when I was 9 years old that required surgery.    I  was intrigued by what the nurses did for me during my hospitalization.  My mother also became a nurse around the same time. She inspired me to follow in her footsteps.   I always found the human body amazing and I wanted to help people.


What drives you at 25 Again? 

Helping people feel better and improve their health.  I love it when someone tells me that becoming a member here has changed their life!  


How instrumental is your team in a member’s success at 25 Again?  

Our staff embody what 25 Again is all about!  We all work together to insure our members get the best care possible.  My practice could not function without everyone’s hard work and dedication.


Why is what we do at 25 Again so important to adults as they age?

People live so much longer now!  25 Again helps insure people feel great and stay healthy as they age.  There is no reason people should have to give up activities they love or feel sick as they age!  25 Again allows people to live active, full lives and enjoy life after 40!


What do you do in your spare time?

 I love shopping, spending time with my family, traveling, interior decorating and party planning!


What do you tell people that are new to 25 Again!

 I tell new members that optimizing their hormones is life changing for many people, but it is a process that takes time.  I promise them that I will do everything I can to make them feel their best, but that this is a partnership and they have to do their part at home!  I make sure they know that I am always available if they have any questions or concerns.