Medical Provider of the Month – Katie Redmon, Middletown location

Why did you get into nursing?
I got into nursing to start with because I absolutely love science, especially the science of the body.  I find it amazing how our body works.  I also love touching peoples lives. As a nurse, I have experienced people happiest moments and, also their saddest.  I am fortunate that I have been an instrumental part of their lives and enjoy the happy times with them and, also help them through the darkest.    

What interests you most about your position as Nurse Practitioner with 25 Again?  
I have always been interested in preventative health.  I have spent years working with patients trying to make them better from their aliments when all I really wanted to do was prevent them.  That’s why I love what 25 again is about.      

What does a typical day at 25 Again look like for you?
A typical day at 25 again is different every day. You think it would be basically the same but it all depends on the members that come in that day.  Since we are a big part of their life, if we have a member who is having a hard time personally we as a team rally around them.  We might have to spend some extra time and help them out in some way outside of the office.  On the flip side, we also might have a member one day who child got married or they lost that 20lbs that they couldn’t get off and we get to rejoice with them as an office.    What inspires you about the type of medicine you practice?    The thing that inspires me the most is seeing members when they first start verses them 6 months from when they start.  Seeing the members A1C going down, seeing them get off of some of their meds, seeing them feel better, and just seeing them happier than the day they first saw me.  

What do you tell people that are unsure about hormone replacement therapy?   I tell them to try it! They have nothing to lose except the fear they have.     

Talk about your medical team and how they assist in the 25 Again medical journey?  
We all work as a team in every member’s journey.  From the first time they come in and are greeted by our Office Manager to seeing the provider and provider MA for their management of care, to just seeing the house MA for Buck shots.  We all have a role in how they feel about their health journey and encouraging them along the way.