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On May 29, 2018, Tiffany is joining representatives from the Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormone Optimization programs at 25 Again for a special appearance on live television. Prior to the appearance, Tiffany offered her own account of some of the issues and successes she experienced while utilizing the exclusive 25 Again program. Read more from Tiffany below and remember to click here at 12:30 PM on May 29, to watch Tiffany's appearance live.

Tiffany's Story - In Her Words

I came to 25 Again in November of 2017. Prior to this, I had actually been struggling with symptoms for 6 years.

One day, I was standing in line at the DMV, looked up at the TV, and there it was: A commercial for 25 Again. I was skeptical because I had been in a program that promoted the very same thing but experienced no relief. In fact my symptoms worsened.

I decided I needed serious help. After completing the online survey on I dragged myself into the Middletown location and had my consultation with Melisa Riggs. She is a treasure. Then, I met with Dr. Katie Redmon, who is also a treasure.

My previous doctor's (including endocrinologists) all dismissed me and my concerns. I felt as if they thought I was making this up. After begging one doctor for progesterone cream, he stopped providing the refills I desperately needed. So, I was relieved to hear that 25 Again would take me on.

I had severe breast swelling and tenderness. I could barely hug anyone. I was constantly bloated in my belly and legs. I suffered from fevers, thinning hair, pale skin, dark circles, and bad moods. Even worse, I had terrible mood swings and to top it all off, depression was a growing concern in my life. I thought, 'This had been happening since the age of 34, I am turning 40 in August. I refuse to spend one more year of my life merely existing.'

I told Melisa and Dr. Katie my goals. They were quick to jump on board and help me reach them! Katie was very specific and firm in treating my thyroid and hormones first! I was very happy after the first month on medication. Finally, I was given new doses of progesterone cream, testosterone cream, and Armour thyroid. I was starting to feel amazing again and wanted to keep going. I readjusted my budget and after cutting out a lot of unnecessary spending, the items I needed to feel great again became very affordable. This is important, because my body has changed so much for the better that now I have money left over to buy some new clothes to fit my new figure.

Change is not always easy. Once, I did hit a little bump in the road and got discouraged about continuing. But when this happened, I called Melisa and she was there for me when I needed her. She listened to my concerns and talked me off the 'hormonal ledge.' She then suggested the HCG program at 25 Again to reboot my metabolism. I immediately said 'Yes, please!' I was at a loss on how to eat for my changing body. I was very pleased with the results of the 28 day program. This encouraged me to extend the program 2 more weeks.

I am now on to Phase 2 of the HCG program, and feel encouraged and motivated like never before! The 25 Again program and staff were answers to my prayers! What this program does for men and women is nothing short of a miracle. The work is performed by very compassionate, intelligent, beautiful people. Trust me, kindness is just as important as the right doses.

I am looking forward to experiencing full healing as I continue on at 25 Again. Thanks to everyone there for this program and especially to all the staff who keep it going.



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