What Separates 25 Again From Competitors

Every month the 25 Again program is in the news because our medical experts go above and beyond traditional medicine to help adults become healthier as they age. Many people are told they are ‘normal’ for their age, but this does not mean they feel good. Being normal does not mean men and women feel as good as they once did. In fact, most adults want to feel better than they do currently and even better than they did before.The following three help separate 25 Again from competitors.

1. The 25 Again Program

At 25 Again we have an exclusive "25 Again Program." It is a one of a kind program helping change the future of age-related medicine. Rather than simply providing a pill for every ill, the 25 Again program offers an opportunity to treat the underlying cause of disease in the body. The goal of the program is to provide evidence people deserve to see so that they know their health is improving. It really sets us apart from others by taking the guessing game, and subjective nature out of medicine, out of the discussion. Rather than simply providing a standard amount of testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid to everyone, we use evidence-based research to help men and women achieve optimal levels. We are aiming for these optimal levels because they are where adults need to be in order to actually regain health.

2. The 25 Again Report

Our empirical approach is grounded in the data provided by decades of research. The patients at 25 Again get healthy and we prove it to them through use of the 25 Again Report. The report looks at several biomarkers that we work to optimize with each individual. Best of all, rather than just telling patients they are getting better, we share a beautiful, easy-to-understand picture with patients so they can see what their values are and how are they changing over time.

Click here to see an example and explanation of the 25 Again Report. 

3. The Hormone Health Survey

There are many 5 and 10 question quizzes designed to simply provide a snapshot of your current state of health. No matter what answers you provide, the result is rigged to spit out a declining picture that is less than optimal. How can 5 answers be expected to truly summarize your health? But the 25 Again Hormone Health Survey is much more comprehensive than what you will find offered by many competitors. It provides a useful tool for adults interested in learning about how specific hormones might be affecting their health. 

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Ready to see the the 25 Report for yourself? Take the Free Hormone Health Survey now to learn if you are a candidate. This fast, simple questionnaire will give you an idea of the possible areas in your life that we can address during the first visit.