Ladies, is your heart at risk?


Thanks to some very strong studies, mainstream medicine has started to come around, with more and more doctors shifting their attention toward bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These studies have not only proven the safety of bioidentical hormones, but also its value in protecting your heart. We get the skepticism. It’s human nature to panic and dismiss that which we don’t quiet understand fully.

Luckily for Kentuckiana and Ohio, 25 AGAIN has medical experts on hand who fully understand the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, have studied it, practice it and have assisted thousands in feeling better. Ladies, no matter what your estrogen levels are right now, hormones do affect your bodies. Based on a Cedars-Sinai study from 1998-2012: Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help Improve Women’s Heart Health, Overall Survival women using HRT to treat menopausal symptoms have a lower risk of death as well as lower levers of plaque buildup in the arteries, compared to women not using hormone therapy.

What does that translate to? Replacing estrogen can keep women alive longer and their hearts healthier than if just letting the hormone levels naturally decline over time. Schedule your consultation now and learn how 25 Again can help you improve your heart health. #healthylifestyle #livelonger #healthyheart #womenshealth