Enhance your Romance: Testosterone in Women

Testosterone – most people are led to believe that it only affects men. The truth is, testosterone is a hormone that women not only produce naturally, but a hormone that plays a major role in our love life. Low levels of testosterone can lead to reduced drive and decreased satisfaction. A study at the Medical University of Vienna linked sexual dysfunction and depression in women and found that hormone therapy improves symptoms of both. Therefore, the key to a happy, healthy relationship may lie in keeping testosterone level in the "good zone." 
Low testosterone levels are also an important factor when it comes to our mood, feeling fatigued, and our general well-being. This hormone is what drives our thoughts about sex, including our desires and fantasies. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a great method for successfully treating low testosterone, enhancing your sexual experiences and refining your mood and desire. Our team can optimize your physical and emotional intimacy quickly, safely, and effectively. 25 Again approach is a simple, straightforward method for helping partners feel more loved, appreciated, and satisfied with their significant other.
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