Men, pay attention to changes your partner is experiencing

So, your partner has entered a new decade. You’ll find that she is wiser and more established, and with that come changes. Consider this a heads up: what to expect when your partners body has crossed the threshold into a new decade, and how you can support her.

Her skins feel different: She may criticize her skin; how it feels drier, wrinkles are noticeable, as are age spots and skin tags. Overall it becomes apparent that she is unhappy about her appearance. What can we do? We can improve ageing of her skin and improve her skin’s hydration. Women who are in our program have reported that their skin becomes brighter with improved texture and tone.

She may be suffering from high blood pressure: As we get older our blood vessels and arteries become stiffer. Our hearts work harder to pump blood, and this can lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems. 
What can we do? Lower her blood pressure. Our medical providers will review her lab values, medical history, family history, then put that information to work for her.

She’s got trouble with weight gain: Recently she’s noticed that maintaining her usual weight becomes more difficult. She may talk about a time in which getting back into her best shape required nothing more than cutting out bread and sweets.
What can we do? Provide her with lasting results. Our team of experts will work with her to lose weight, follow a heart-healthy eating plan, maintain a healthy weight and stay active.

She’s no longer interested in intimacy: You are noticing shifts and changes in the way she reacts or feels during foreplay. She may find sex less pleasurable (it may even become painful).
What can we do? The great news is that there are a lot of remedies to increase libido, and she can start increasing her sex drive naturally today with our help. Our experts will develop a plan that includes libido-promoting supplements, life style changes and so much more!  

We can’t turn the clock backwards. But with patience, care, and smart lifestyle changes, we can make the most of our bodies as we age. To schedule a consultation, contact us today! 866-420-9260