Local Pharmacist Care Services

Compounding allows pharmacists to provide pharmacist care services for each patient. Compound medication-Customized medications can fill specific needs often not met by commercially available medications. What’s even more, is that compounding provides physicians with expanded treatment options by providing dosage form and strength flexibility.

Our top 3 benefits of pharmacy compounding that show how it can help you live a healthier and happier life.
1.    Making medication easier to use
2.    Allowing alternative dosage forms
3.    Offering unique services that pharmacy chains don’t

The compound pharmacy we work closely with is New Vitalis Pharmacy. New Vitalis is the Midwest’s leading source for compounded pharmaceuticals. By modernizing the ordering and receiving process, you no longer have to wait for your prescriptions or waste time driving. In most cases, your prescriptions are processed electronically the same business day and delivered with NO shipping costs.  

The best part? You can take advantage of next day delivery - directly to your mailbox. Take advantage of the amazing benefits you can get exclusively at a local-independently owned compound pharmacy-New Vitalis Pharmacy, by calling 502-890-2030.