First Annual Provider Partner Summit

The unprecedented growth of Body Shapes Medical in 2015 helped the company become known as the leaders for hormone health and optimal aging in this region of the country. This growth would not be possible without the highly trained medical providers who offer safe and effective treatments to thousands of men and women age 35 and older. Their effort, highly effective patient care and dedication to continuous education helps turn members at each practice into ambassadors for a new era of continuous health!

Last week, the Body Shapes Medical Leadership Team and Medical Providers attended the First Annual Provider Partner Summit in Cancun, Mexico. The three day event offered senior staff a chance to connect with ownership while discussing goals, objectives and future development for the year ahead. Daily meetings were accompanied by opportunities for activities at the resort, during meals, while shopping and enjoyment of the spring-like weather during February. 

As Body Shapes Medical continues to grow, the Leadership Team intends to make this annual trip one of the annual highlights for Providers. Future years will likely see changes in location and itineraries complete with breakout sessions for providers in each city or region. 

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