Hear from our very own AWT specialist

We recently sat down with our very own AWT specialist, Richard, to learn more about this cutting edge of natural healing. In this article, you'll learn about what A.W.T. is and how we can help.


Why did you choose to pursue a career as a Special Procedures Technologist? First and for most, I enjoy the ever-changing challenges medicine brings into our lives. With that being said, I searched for a career meeting those challenges. I wanted a career that continues to evolve with the advancements in science / technology, which led me to a career in Special Procedure Technology.  

What is AWT? AWT is an acronym for Acoustic Wave Therapy. AWT is also known as Shockwave Therapy. However, the term" Shockwave" has become "Old Hat.” The term leads members to think they will be shocked with electricity. Who wants that? Right?! AWT actually works by using a sound wave of varying energy in order to trigger a process in our bodies called: Neovascularization.

Alright, what is Neovascularization? Simply put, it is the formation of new functional blood vessel networks for better circulation. This is especially important for millions of men, who suffer from ED (aka) Erectile Dysfunction.   

How does AWT at 25 Again help? AWT helps our members in several ways. AWT has been used in Europe since 2000 with tremendously positive results, and today is being used in the US. Those that benefit the most are members who suffer from ED and/or BPH (aka) Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. BPH is age associated prostate gland enlargement. BPH makes it difficult for some to urinate.  In addition to helping reverse ED and BPH symptoms, AWT also helps relieve long term pain. So, for those who suffer from joint pain in the: knee, elbow, neck, shoulder or lower back, whether it’s from daily use, age or an old sports injury AWT and I are here to help. It’s a drug free, safe, effective and totally non-invasive treatment with zero downtime.  

What does a typical day at 25 Again look like for you? My day begins with a safety check and calibration of the AWT machine. This ensures we always provide our members with the safest, cleanest and most effective therapy. My day continues with performing AWT for Men who suffer from ED & BPH as well as performing AWT for men and women who suffer from chronic joint pain.   

What do you tell people who are new to 25 Again & AWT? I welcome and assure our members, we care about you as a person. We make your goals for better health, less pain and performance, our goals. Getting started with AWT is easy! You’ve already found a provider, ME! Your only step is to call and schedule your non-invasive, in-office treatment. From there enjoy long-term results!

To schedule your one-on-one with 25 Again AWT Specialist, call 866-420-9260.