Johnathon G.


John G. 


67 years old

Social Status

Married, grandfather, working part-time.


“My wife thinks that I am grumpy. I mostly don’t like how I feel or look. I want to be as active as possible but mostly don’t have the energy or strength to them anymore."

Initial 25 Again by Body Shapes Medical Recommendation

To enroll in 25 Again program to track optimal hormone levels as well as body measurements. Patient was low in almost every measurable hormone. Gradual increases to all nutrient and hormone levels with a goal of optimal levels over the next 6-12 months.*

6-Month Review

Patient has gained over 10 lbs of muscle and measured 4.5 inch loss to waist line. Patient subjective survey indicates a major increase in energy and overall outlook.  Team at 25 Again will monitor and work closely with patient to reach optimal levels in next 6-12 months. Blood pressure, sugar and LDL levels have decreased markedly.*

Why I Stayed At 25 Again

“I thought I was too old. I was wrong. In fact, I have met several men at the practice who are 15-20 years older than me. If you think its snake oil, think again. It is real medicine with real results they can show you.”*

What's Next For Me? 

“More of the same. Keep getting younger from the inside out!”*



*Individual results may vary from person to person. The content of this website is for informational purposes only. Only a qualified medical provider can determine if you qualify for treatment.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with one our qualified medical providers.

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