I'm getting older, but I did't like the way it felt.
Steve C.


Steve C.  



Social Status

Single, father of two.


Go to gym 3-4 times a week. Used to play several sports competitively.


“I don’t want to feel old. I don’t want to lose my edge. I’m competitive in all aspects of my life. I need to be at my best at work, home and in my relationships. My body just didn't perform like it used to. I have had too many failed sexual experiences recently.”* 

Initial 25 Again Medical Recommendation

Start immediate replacement of major hormone levels. Treat low testosterone, High Cholesterol, weight gain (18 lbs), as well as loss of muscle and increased belly fat. The team prescribed Steve to enroll in the 25 Again program to track optimal hormone levels. Start IM treatment of testosterone twice weekly, thyroid and DHEA along with custom nutrient supplementation.*

6-Month Review

Patient has had an increase in muscle. Waist size has decreased 4 inches and belly fat has lessened substantially. Patient subjective survey indicates a major increase in energy and sex drive. Sexual performance issues are abated.*

The Difference It Has Made In My Life

“I had lost some of my confidence, but now I've got it all back!  I was getting older and thought that made me weak. But now I see my age as an advantage and have my energy and power back to where I was in my late 20's. 25 Again has become a way of life for me. Going in to see them is often the best part of my week.” * 

What’s Next For Me?

“I plan to continue increasing my muscle and lose another 10 lbs of belly. My cholesterol has gotten better and I plan to alter my diet to include healthier fats. My new girlfriend enjoys my energy and passion. Even my kids wonder why I am happy.” * 



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