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Laura L.





My Story

I was a very active international flight attendant who, in my early 30’s, decided to give up my career to stay home and raise my 2 boys. 18 wonderful years later I found myself constantly exhausted & struggling to lose weight. I had been to several doctors over the years to determine what was wrong with me and they all said it sounded like a thyroid issue. They would run blood tests and always tell me the results were “in the normal range,” then prescribe an anti-depressant saying that should help alleviate my symptoms. Problem was…I wasn’t depressed! Every time I’d go back to them complaining of the same issues, they’d just change the anti-depressant. By the time I’d heard of 25 Again, my weight was at an all-time high and my life revolved around when I could take my next nap. I literally felt like I was 80 years old.*

During the first week of being a member at 25 Again, they ran multiple blood tests that previous doctors had never done, and then showed me exactly why I was feeling so badly. My hormone levels were non-existent and the part of my thyroid that provides energy and proper metabolism was very low – but my previous doctors never checked that specific level. Within the first 6-8 weeks I was my former spunky self again – full of energy, losing weight, & experiencing a libido “like it used to be.”

The team is wonderful and in addition to all of the above, they helped me lose 30 lbs in the first 60 days. They also taught me how to keep the weight off which has been easy because, due to my hormones now being at optimal levels, my body is now responding to weight loss efforts like it did back when I was in my 20’s. Another advantage is that my hairdresser tells me I now have 40% new hair growth which amazes her and of course makes me very happy too.*

So, to make a long story short, 25 Again fixed me…I truly feel that my life has been saved.*


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