Body Shapes Medical has proven to me that they can safely adjust my body to have the hormone levels I enjoyed back when I was 25.


Mary T. 


52 years old. 

Social Status

College graduate, married with two kids. 


Moderate exercise each week. 


“I started feeling old.  Looked in the mirror and wanted answers.  Also I started having horrible changes in temperature with hot flashes, reduced energy, weight gain and unwanted body change”*

Initial 25 Again Medical Recommendation

Custom protocol of nutrient and hormone therapies along with supervised weight loss management.*

6-Month Review

Hot flashes eliminated. Significant increase in daily energy. Patient lost 10 lbs so far with no real change in diet. Team advised patient that in order to see additional results in weight it was in her best interest to follow her individual plan laid out with nutritional counseling.*

The Difference It Made In My Life

“I believe in the medicine. The staff listens to me and I never feel rushed. Short-term, I want to see more weight loss. I am very pleased with my new life without hot flashes. My energy is better than I remember in 15+ years”.*

What's Next For Me?

“For me, I want to see all my levels improve and become optimal. 25 Again taught me that at any age they can safely adjust my body to have levels I had when I was 25. I am ready for the next steps. I trust 25 Again with my overall health and am so excited to see more progress during the years ahead!”*


*Individual results may vary from person to person. The content of this website is for informational purposes only. Only a qualified medical provider can determine if you qualify for treatment.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with one our qualified medical providers.

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