Is Your Heart Protected From Disease And Stress? 

Some of the most important concerns women deal with on a regular basis include issues with their heart's health. A woman's risk increases with age, poor diet and lack of exercise. However, hormones play a critical role in helping with all of these aspects.*

Coronary artery disease is the narrowing or blockage of arteries that surround the heart muscle. It results when fatty plaque builds up in the artery walls (known as atherosclerosis). This buildup is associated with high levels of cholesterol in the blood. After menopause, a woman's risk for coronary artery disease increases. This can be due to lower production of the hormones necessary to break down cholesterol in the body.* 

The health care professionals at 25 Again by Body Shapes Medical are trained to look at specific bio-markers that help improve a woman's heart health. Schedule your consultation now to learn how we can help you feel 25 again!* 

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